Gobi Paratha: How to make dhaba style gobi paratha.

Gobi paratha is a delicious Indian flatbread stuffed with cauliflower. Gobi paratha is made in the same way as other Indian parathas. To make Gobi Paratha, fresh cauliflower is grated and cooked well on a griddle after adding spices. This Indian flatbread recipe is a good option for breakfast, lunch, and tiffin boxes.

Gobi paratha/ How to make gobi paratha.

To make cauliflower paratha, I grate the cauliflower and roast it well after mixing it with spices, which become crispy and improve the taste. If you also want to include cauliflower in your dish, then it can be a better option for your breakfast, lunch, and tiffin box. You can try this and enjoy cauliflower paratha.

How to make gobi paratha ?

Dough for paratha.

1 . First of all, we will knead the dough to make paratha.

2 . Sieve the wheat flour and keep it in a bowl; add one teaspoon of salt.

3 . Knead the dough well, adding water as needed.

4 . After kneading the dough well, grease it by applying a spoonful of oil.

5 . Cover the kneaded dough with a utensil or cloth and keep it aside.

Stufing for gobi paratha.

6 . First of all, take a cauliflower and cut its stalk. Wash and clean the gobi thoroughly.

7 . Wash the cauliflower and drain the water.

8 . Grate the cauliflower finely and keep it in a bowl.

9 . Add one teaspoon each of coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric powder, one teaspoon of cumin, chopped green chilies, chopped coriander leaves, and salt according to your taste to the grated cauliflower, mix well, and keep it aside.

10 . If you are making parathas for children, then you can use green and red chillies according to your choice. If chilli is not used, then it will be suitable.

Cook Paratha.

11 . To make gobi paratha, keep the griddle on medium heat.

12 . Take a lump of dough. If you want, you can cut the dough into separate pieces.

13 . Place the dough on a flat surface or on a rolling board, and roll it into a small puri with the help of a rolling pin.

14 . Put the stuffing made of the cabbage mixture over the small puri and close it by pressing with your fingers from all sides.

15 . Sprinkle dry flour on a rolling board and roll out the filled balls evenly, giving them the shape of a paratha.

16 . Put a spoonful of ghee on the griddle and put the paratha on the griddle.

17 . After cooking for one to one and a half minutes, turn the paratha, apply ghee, and keep pressing the edges slowly with a spatula.

18 . Roast the paratha well till it turns light brown.

19 . Keep baking all the parathas in the same way.

20 . Take out the paratha and cut it with a knife or spatula, and serve hot with curd, butter, pickles, and chutney.

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