Wheat flour recipes. (Roti) indian flat bread.

Wheat flour recipes : We can make all kinds of flatebread with wheat flour. Rotis, parathas, breads, naans, and many more can be made from wheat flour. The special thing for him is: how do we prepare the dough? Because it often happens that even after working hard, we are not able to make roti or paratha properly, the main reason for which is not kneading the dough properly. Often, all this happens due to haste or ignorance.

Wheat flour recipes. roti indian flate bread.
Indian flatbread

To cook our dishes, we should consider kneading soft and good flour in the beginning, which can make our dishes tasty and desirable.

Flour is a common ingredient that we can use to make all kinds of flatbreads and other dishes. Wheat flour is commonly used in India, but the most important thing is how to prepare the flour, because if the flour is not kneaded properly, then it can be boring to make the dish. While making roti, not being able to roll it properly, sticking to the wheel, tearing of the roti, not being able to rise properly. A well-kneaded dough saves us time and makes the dish look good. Kneading the dough is very easy, but for this, it is necessary to take care of little things.

How to prepare wheat flour dough for flatbread ?

Preparing dough is one of the first thing for wheat flour recipes. flatbread is very easy. In this, we will learn how to prepare flour step-by-step with photos.

1 – Take a medium-sized vessel with an open mouth.

2 – Take four cups of wheat flour.

3 – Sieve the flour.

4 – Take the sifted flour in a bowl.

5 – Add half a teaspoon of salt to the flour.

6 – Add water as needed to the flour and start kneading.

7 – Pour water slowly into the flour and keep kneading it.

8 – By adding water at regular intervals and kneading, the dough becomes well-kneaded.

9 – The better and softer the flour, the better it can be used to make all kinds of flatbreads.

10 – After the soft and smooth dough is ready, apply ghee or oil to the dough.

11 – Cover the dough with a cloth or bowl for 20 minutes.

How to make roti: recipe for indian flatbread.

After the dough is well kneaded, the next step in the wheat flour recipe is to roll it. By taking a small ball of dough, we can make all kinds of flatbreads from that small ball.

12 – Let the pan heat on medium heat.

13 – Take out the dough, make a small ball, give it a round shape.

Take a smll ball for making wheat flour recipes. roti

14 – and start rolling it.

 Wheat flour recipes .start rolling it.

15 – If the dough sticks while rolling, sprinkle some dry flour.

Sprinkl dry flour for wheat flour recipe. roti

16 – Roll out the roti evenly so that its shape is properly formed. Here, we have rolled 1 roti; you too can roll the rotis in the same way.

Proper indian roti size 
indian flat bread. Wheat flour recipes

17 – The griddle is hot; place the roti on the griddle and turn the roti after 3 to 4 seconds.

Wheat flour recipes.Indian flate bread.roti

18 – After turning the roti, cook it again for 3 to 4 seconds.

Wheat flour recipes.roti

19 – Remove the griddle and cook the rotis on full flame.

Recipe for indian flat bread.

20 – Turn the roti for even cooking. After cooking well, keep the roti in the casserole.

21 – Similarly, roll out all the rotis and cook.

22 – After all the rotis are cooked, you can serve hot rotis with vegetables, dal, chutney, or any vegetable curry of your choice.

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